We understand traditional ways and hope to compliment the standard practices that are already in place.

We at holaus are dedicated to helping to unify Health Professionals and set in place a refferal system for cross referencing within our industry..

We hope to encourage networking and mentoring within the complimentary health system.

We would like to promote small business' so they can grow quickly so we can keep quality therapists practicing and maintaining professionalism within our industry.

We hope to break down some of the misconceptions about Complimentary Alternative Medicine and share with the public in the interest of transperancy.

In short we would love to build a database to help connect Therapist and Client.



 I do have a need to promote my own business as an Oriental Remedial Therapist


Why stop at just promoting myself? Why not promote other Therapists and their Modalities!


 It's not about competition, It's about Universal Wellness, If your hurting I am hurting


Not only can you network, you can be seen in an alternative light and that is exposure