Another week has gone by whilst I try and market my business and get the word out there, I know there are so many talented Natural Therapists out there and I feel at peace with the situation I am in at the moment. I know life has these barriers but often they are for our benefit as we always learn something along the way, as they say "It isn't the destination, It's the journey that matters".

I have learnt so much about myself in the last few months, I never ever thought that I could go door to door talking to people about myself and what I am doing with my business. People automatically think that I am an entrepreneur or something like that. Some people assume that I am a business man working on making my second million dollars. I am not always sure what people think so sometimes I ask, "So, What do you think"? The answer is always something that I do not expect, there are so many people who would love a treatment but cant afford it. I am doing two treatments today for free, I guess the Universe will bless me if I bless others.

Phew it is HOT! The temperature outside is stifling and I am sitting in air conditioned comfort. I did a letter box drop this morning using my Vulcan Classic as a postie bike, no wonder postie bikes don't use clutches, after half an hour I was sweating, my bike was Hot and Bothered and my clutch hand had decided it was too much hard work.

Remember if your in Caloundra to drop in and say g'day, ask me for a free consult or even just chew my ear off for a while. Ask for Judd at Suncoast Chiro, 4 Fourth Ave. Caloundra. Cheers.