Why Massage?



 Why Massage you ask... Well there are many reasons why you should get a massage, First and formost is to Unwind, Relax, Zen Out!

I know most of you out there have many ways to relax and let go of the daily grind, I wonder how many of those ways we cope are healthy for us? I know we cant always afford a massage but if we look at our budget what are we willing too trade for a massage. The therapist I go to charges $80/hour. I get $30 back from my health fund so that means I have to come up with $50.

O.K. I usually buy my lunch, let me see... It costs me around $15 to buy my lunch, if I buy the ingredients I can make a nice salad roll for around $5. There thats $10 off my $50. That makes $40 I have to find.

O.K. I usually am running late for work which means I open my bike up a lot! I mean I love to ride like the wind, my bike is thirsty when I go over 100km/hr, It costs me $18/ day to get to work, if I take it easy and sit on 100km/hr I save $5/day... hmm getting closer to that massage. Only need $35 for a massage...

O.K. I like a beer of an afternoon, now I aint gonna give that up... AM I? No Way. But heres the thing, I like to have a beer, but I usually have two just for the hell of it... BECAUSE I CAN! Now when I say a beer I mean a large bottle, $5 worth, so two of them $10, I guess I could give up a large bottle of beer for a massage. $30 to find for a massage.

Its starting to look impossible..... How can I possibly save any more money, I am already saving $20/day... Hang on! I don't need a massage every day do I? Once a week would be nice. So if I save $20/day over a working week of 5 days I well and truly save some dollars, even if I am not in a health fund I can afford a massage once a week.

O.K. So I can afford a massage, I can relax and zen out any way I choose, why should I get a Massage? What other benefits will I get from a massage?

Besides Relaxation....

  • Limber up Muscles
  • Improve range of movement
  • Improve circulation
  • Detox
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Improve Sex Drive
  • Treat Ailments with Chinese Acupressure and Reflexology
  • Improve Metabolism/Lose weight
  • Improve the flow of Energy/Qi
  • Treat Cellulite

The list truly goes on infinitum....

So I am not here trying to talk you into having a treatment, I am just saying if you need a treatment you will find a way and you wont go without, you will just have to do a few things or cut out a few things in order to improve your quality of life. Too Easy.