Well, Since November 11 I have had my own clinic open in Caloundra at Suncoast Chiropractic and Psychology Centre, Business was very slow from the start mainly because I am from out of town and I don't know any body in the area besides the wonderful people I am associated with in the Centre. It was also about Christmas time and we all know that times get a little tough around Christmas both financially and time wise.

I have to Voice a big Thank you to the staff at the centre because they have helped me by referring their friends and family and have also spoken very highly of me to prospective clients who are searching for a treatment be it cupping, acupressure, remedial or relaxation. I over hear them from my room and I feel so proud to be spoken of with high esteem and I certainly wish to live up to the amazing things I hear I am capable of. I am not a miracle worker, I do facilitate healing and I believe the ladies behind the front desk communicate that honestly to all who inquire about my services.

I want to thank all who participated in my promotional work and the people of the Sunshine Coast on face book like Sunshine Coast Pay it Forward, Sunny Coast Community Board, Sunshine Coast Open Discussion and all the Admins who allowed me to promote my business through their pages. There were other pages I dropped in on as well and I do appreciate all who have helped me by liking Holistic Australia and made me feel welcome here on the Sunshine Coast. I want to thank all the spiritual people who have networked with me and supported my existence instead of seeing me as a threat to their business as many have in the past in other areas of South East Queensland. I will never forget how the Sunshine Coast has embraced me and I hope I can repay that spirit 100 fold.

Last but not least I want to thank Marti Russo (Friend and Confidant), Judy Down (Remedial Therapist), Troy Aaron (Personal Transformation), Adam Newport (photography), Paige Alexandra, Janine Harm, Michelle Rixon, Katrina Nelson and any I may have forgotten for participating in helping me to grow my business. The list really does go on and is way too large to be put in a blog, If you have not been included, I hope you understand I sincerely thank you.

Business is starting to pick up, This week I have had four paying clients which helps my hip pocket and also validates the reason I am here, to help people to improve their quality of life and I do which is a real buzz.