When I signed up for a Dip. Shiatsu & Oriental therapies I thought that I would work hard and when I graduate I would have a myriad of people knocking on my clinic door asking for help. "DUH" Well that doesn't just happen, it doesn't matter if you are an A1 Therapist with a Golden Aura and butterflies floating around your feet, the hard work doesn't stop when you achieve that wonderful goal and you are able to call your self an accredited therapist. The truth is people do not know who I am. The fact is there are many wonderful Therapists out there, Why should I be so special?

All my life I have wanted to help people, I have finally got the chance and no one wants help. Is it Me? I have put my self out there, to the masses using social media tools and this blog, Gumtree, True local and those dreaded classifieds that charge an arm and a leg for 4 lines. I have been Practicing for a couple of years now, I am a good therapist, I care for my clients and always go the extra mile, very rarely do I watch the clock unless I have a follow up client. Am I expecting too much so close after Christmas? Maybe the kids are spending all mum and dads money, maybe mum and dad don't have time to get here until the kids are back to school. These are things that run through my head, A dangerous place to be.

The truth is Building a Client list is hard work. And I have to keep calm because that is what this business is all about, SERENITY!

I am sitting here on my ischial tuberosity using my massage table as a desk, coffee in hand trying to break through and announce to the Sunshine Coast "I AM HERE", I feel like I am a spec on a clover and just about to be thrown into boiling diesel, Horton...  Where are You?. I guess it would be easy to get depressed when you haven't had a client in two days, I would gladly give away a massage to a needy soul. The old Me would Get drunk, smoke some cones and chain smoke rollies until I cough my guts up and wonder where my head is at.

Thank God I grew up, Man what an emotional wreck I used to be. One thing I have learnt is to live one day at a time. Patience is an art and meditation has enabled me to quiet down and breath, accept that I am right where I have to be, right here right now at this point of time. There are great things in store for me and I know if I keep doing the things I am doing I will succeed. For all I know this entry in my blog will open the doors and someone may stroll in and say, "I am after that free massage you are offering". Well if that is you feel free... lol.

I guess life is like a box of chocolates, you leave em in the sun and they melt, don't ask me what that is supposed to mean, I guess you have to take the good with the bad, there are many in this life with more pressing concerns, the problem I face would be a welcome challenge for many,  I am dealing with life by sitting in the air conditioned comfort of my clinic, I am truly blessed. I do welcome the challenge of starting a new practice in a new town where I don't know anybody besides my colleagues, commuting every day wondering if I am doing the right thing, spending more money than I make...  YES I welcome this Challenge and I am grateful I have my health and the time on my hands to write this blog.

 My Son Sam and Myself at Maloolaba

Well well well, what a year it has been, for myself 2013 has been a massive year of growth, consolidation and validation.

  • I graduated college Dip. Shiatsu and oriental therapies
  • I started my business Holistic Australia
  • I started to get fit by exercising daily
  • I gave up smoking

There are many more things I have done of coarse but these things I am so proud of, I always wanted to give up smoking for instance but it wasn't until I decided to get fit and lose some weight that I was able to make that step of emancipation... Big word I know but it was a big deal for me and am happy I didn't leave it for another new years resolution.

Graduating from college was another big deal for me, I dropped out of school in year 8, 2nd form in the old language and decided to work full time so I could support my many growing habits; smoking, drinking, eating to name a few. I was a classic stoner/bogan, drove old holdens, rode motorcycles and wore flannelette shirts, listened to AC/DC and had the FTW mentality. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a bad boy, I was a softie but I had the image of a bad boy so no one would mess with me. I did love the free and easy life but when I got my girlfriend pregnant and had a shotgun wedding things changed real quick, all of a sudden I was a kept man and free and easy went out the window.

A life of hard living had left me a bit of a wreck, around age 35 I decided to make some changes and dropped out of life and was pensioned off with alcohol substance abuse, bi-polar disorder and a back of a 100 year old man. I thought life was over and decided to take it easy one day at a time. I still smoked grass but I did have a year of abstinence to get sober headed and start making decisions that would leave a positive mark on my life, I learned consequential thinking and became rather zealous about my new life and how I wanted to make a difference to those I loved and my broader community. I hadn't become a saint by the way, I was just scared of dying alone and leaving nothing behind, I seriously wanted to make my mark in this life and I knew that it just wasn't going to happen unless I made some changes.

I started a website Holistic Australia and decided I would use it to make positive affirmations and share with the world what I was learning to help keep me sane in an insane world. Mainly esoteric type stuff like crystals, taro, aromatherapy and some blogs I wrote in an attempt to keep my mind busy. Cognitive behavioral therapy was the big thing for me, identifying core beliefs that I had about myself and the world around me and asking my self where they true or false. My life changed big time after assessing my thought patterns and I shared this on my website. long story short I lost that website and am rebuilding it.

Last but not least my business became my priority in 2013, named it after my website and am practicing Oriental Remedial Massage in Caloundra, Qld. Australia. I work out of a chiropractic clinic and am surrounded by people who genuinely care. It is a positive atmosphere and if you are ever in need of a massage you will find the address on my contact page on my website.  www.holisticaustralia.com.au

There is so much more I want to write about and this is just the first of what I hope is many blogs I will use to populate my blog page and help grow my business which will intern help me to help others which is what I only ever really wanted in life. To make a difference.